Great Big Sea is a band that hails from Newfoundland, Canada. The four founding members of the band are:Alan Doyle-Lead Vocals,Guitar; Bob Hallett-Vocals, Accordian, Tin Whistle; Darrell Power Vocals,Bass; Sťan McCann-Vocals, Bodhran, guitar. Sťan, Darrell and Bob were in a group(along with Jacquie St. Croix) together called Rankin Street and they met Alan(at what exact date, I have no clue) to form Great Big Sea.

       Great Big Sea released a self-titled and self-produced album in 1991 and in 1992 Warner Entertainment Association re-released it.

       In 1995 they released a follow up to their first album called Up. It went platinum in Canada(100,000 copies) and many hits came from it which include Mari Mac, Run Runaway & Goin' Up.

       In 1997 they released Play. It went platinum in only 3 months. And from it came 4 hits. Which are: When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down)(which was the first single from the album), Ordinary Day, End Of The World(a re-mix of the classic REM song) and How Did We Get From Saying I Love You....

       In June of 1998, Great Big Sea released Lukey(from Up) on a cd called Fire In The Kitchen, which was produced by Paddy Moloney if Ireland's The Chieftains. They joined GBS on the on the album and in the video(which was shot in Ireland). Lukey did well on the Canadian Music charts. Lukey was nominated for Video of The Year at the Juno's and at the East Coast Music Awards(at which it won).

       On June 22nd, 1999, Great Big Sea released a new and much anticipated album called Turn. Turn went platinum in only one month. To celebrate the release of Turn, Great Big Sea preformed a live Intimate & Interactive on Much More Music on June 21st, 1999. This was MMM's first ever live I&I. The first single from Turn, Consequence Free, hit #1 at CMT in Canada.

       In October, 2000, Great Big Sea released their first ever live album tiled "Road Rage". The single and video, "Everything Shines", from this album did well.

       Great Big Sea releaseed "Sea of No Cares" in February, 2002. The first single, Sea Of No Cares was released to rave reviews. Stumbling In, Clearest Indication and Penelope were also released from this album.

       Shortly after SONC was released, on January 10, 2003, Darrell Power announced that he was leaving GBS to stay closer to home with his family. This decision was supported by other memebers of the band. The band would eventually add Murray Foster as their bassist. Kris MacFarlane was also added as a drummer for the band.

       In Feburary, 2004 Great Big Sea released Something Beautiful*. From this record came the singles Shines Right Through Me and When I Am King. Another hit with the fans!

       Most recently, In October 2005, Great Big Sea went back to their roots and released The Hard and The Easy filled will Traditional Newfoundland music. The first single, Captain Kidd is currently climbing the charts.

       Great Big Sea have won many awards including numerous East Coast Music Awards(Entertainer Of The Year 5 times), 4 Juno Nominations and numerous Music Industry Of Newfoundland & Labrador Awards.

       Watch out! GBS are long from finished yet! Stay Tuned!

       To find out more about Great Big Sea go to their Official Website. And if you want to talk to other Great Big Sea fans go to the chatroom at the Official Great Big Sea Site.

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