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Online Scavenger Hunt
Welcome to the Online Scavenger Hunt Cyber Camp!! Please answer all the questions. The answers can be found both ONLINE and OFFLINE, you have to choose how to find them. When finished, click on "I'm finished" to send in the answers. There will be a prize! Good Luck!!

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1. What does CAP stand for?

2. How many computers are in this room

3. Who is the director of CAP-NL?

4. What is the name of the Youth Intern at this CAP site?

5. How many days a week is this CAP site open?

6. Who is the contestant from Newfoundland in this years Top 10 on Canadian Idol ?

7. What is Superman's real name ?

8. Approximately how many people live in Hampden ?

9. Who is Batman's sidekick ??

10.What is the address of the Hampden Academy website?

11. Who is Barney's sidekick?

12. Who came in second on Canadian Idol last year ? (Hint: he's from Newfoundland)

13. What is the name of Batman's vehicle ?

14.What colour are Aimee's eyes?

15. Who won Canadian Idol last year?

16. Name a Newfoundland song

17.How do you say "Hello" in french?

18. Name a website were you can play games(give me the address too) ?

19. How many churches are in Hampden?

20. How many legs does a spider have?

Bonus:What's the total of everyone's ages in the room?