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Test your GBS Knowledge

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The Band Section

1. How many members are in Great Big Sea?

2. Name those members.

3. What province does GBS hail from?

4. Name their birthday's.

5. What are the hometown's of each member of Great Big Sea?

6. Which member GBS was seen in the Orca?

7. Who writes most of the liner notes for Great Big Sea albums?

8. What university did the by's attend?

9. Who was managing editor of The Newfoundland Herald before joining Great Big Sea?

The Album Section

1. Who sings backup on "Play"?

2. Who joins Great Big Sea on the song "Donkey Riding"?

3. What is the song "Rant & Roar" traditionally known as in Newfoundland?

4. Who produced "Up"?

5. What is the name of the album that GBS released in the States and what year was it released?

6. What was the first single from "Play"?

7. Who produced "Turn"?

8.What band originally sings "End Of The World"?

9. Who play the cabasa on "Turn"?

The Video Section

1. What was Great Big Sea's first video and what album did it come from?

2. What band can be seen in the "Lukey" video with GBS?

3. How many nuns can be seen in the "Run Runaway" video?

4. Who points to Sťan shirt in the "Mari-Mac" video and what does this person point to on the shirt?

5. Name the little figurine that is seen at the end of the "When I'm Up" video?

6. Who's brother is seen in the "Goin' Up" video and what is he seen doing?

7. Who gets hit in the head with a ball in the "Ordinary Day" video?

8.Who's face is seen in the nun puppet in the "End Of The World" video?

9. What animal does Alan come face to face with when he falls down in the "Consequence Free" video?

10. At what type of store does Alan work at in the "Stumbling In" video?

The Bits and Pieces Section

1.Which member of the band left in 2003?

2. In what order does GBS stand on stage left to right(relative to the audience)?

Bonus Question

Where did Great Big Sea get their name?