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(20:12) [Brad from st. johns] when are you playing in st john s next??

(20:25) [Alan] We are playing on December 29th at the Delta; there will probably be two shows...other details will have to wait...

(20:26) [doc from Winnipeg] Now matter how much you love what you do, it s difficult to stay excited about it day after do you guys put on such an energetic show night after night?

(20:38) [Alan] Alot of the travelling day is very boring, so we always look forward to the show

(20:35) [saralyn from dayton, ohio] I would like to know what anti-freeze you guys have in your blood, either born with or ingested before your outdoor winter concerts. You are in shorts and no coats when everyone else is bundled up! However, Alan tends to wear a leather coat when in a hot studio! Go figure!

(20:43) [doc from Winnipeg] for Spinne...cause she can t get into this darn chat...what is Bob s favorite instrument?

(21:03) [Bob] I love to play a bunch but my favorite is the fiddle.

(20:41) [Jackie Armstrong from St. Catharines, ON] Have you ever, or will you ever, perform Fisherman s Lament live? Or is it like some of your other songs (eg. Margarita) which you prefer not to perform live?

(21:15) [] just wondered when you guys are coming to Ottawa again. Last year s show was great! So was Barrymores!

(21:15) [Jolly Butcher from Chicago] Does any of the guys snore or sing in their sleep???

(20:41) [Jackie Armstrong from St. Catharines, ON] Have you ever, or will you ever, perform Fisherman s Lament live? Or is it like some of your other songs (eg. Margarita) which you prefer not to perform live?

(21:15) [Jolly Butcher from Chicago] Does any of the guys snore or sing in their sleep???

(21:20) [Doc T from Michigan] How collaborative is your songwriting process? Do songs come to the group fully formed or does everyone get to mess with it? (Feel free to give specific examples)

(21:21) [Doc T from Michigan] Who has the most annoying travelling/roommate habit, and what is it?

(21:29) [Chat Admin] Hello chatters - We apologize for the lagging server. The response to the chat was overwhelming and caused the server to crash, but we seem to be back on track right now. A suggestion: keep only one browser window open at once. Thanks. Joanne

(21:22) [Doc T from Michigan] Please explain the distinctions (construction and sound) between a mandolin, octave mandolin, mandola, and bouzouki. Which do you actually use, and when?

(21:41) [Bob] In short, they are all mmbers of the mandolin fanily. The octave mandolin is tuned as amandolin but an octave lower. The mandola is, as a viola to a uiolin, CGDA. The bouzuki is as an octave mandolin but with bigger spacing and octave strings.

(21:26) [Ang from From Texas, live in Michigan] Hey guys! So, is it boxers or briefs?

(21:44) [Sťan] Only thongs for me

(21:30) [Andrea from Saint John, NB] You ve played with a number of amazing musicians (Chieftains, Blue Rodeo, Tragically Hip). Which musicians, whom you have not yet worked with, would you like to jam with?

(21:45) [Darrell] Barney, Johnny Cash & Madonna, seriously

(21:31) [JainVa from Virginia] The 9:30 in DC was a blast. I consider your concerts my great big music lessons and I really try to learn by watching the hands but would it ever be remotely possible that you guys could make us a Great Big Songbook? Just a few hints about special tunings would be awesome!

(21:46) [MidnightWhispers from Charleston, SC, USA] *Blushes* Alright, I ll try asking again. Do any of y all chat normal like on AIM or ICQ? My name is qTwilight and any of y all seeing this are invited to come on and chat. CAUSE I CANT SEE A THING! *Sighs*

(21:47) [Darrell] Step 1) Spend your best years in dockside pubs in St. John s and Halifax Step 2) repeat as necessary Step 3) Try DADGAD

(21:34) [doc from Winnipeg] Are you satisfied with the American response to TURN?

(21:48) [Sťan] Unfortunatly, due to our "blind ambition" we are rarely satisfied with anything

(21:35) [JainVa from Virginia] I am one of your fans delivering groceries; do you have any particular cravings?

(21:50) [Alan] Many...

(21:35) [Andrea from Saint John, NB] Will you shoot another video in Newfoundland? All your videos are great, but the landscape and shoreline scenes from Newfoundland are incredible!

(21:53) [Darrell] We love making videos in Newfoundland; unfortunately we ahven t had the opportunity lately

(21:38) [Jack from Lombard, IL] You said once in a show that you needed to write a sequel to I m a Rover. It seems to me there s already a sequel -- Jolly Butcher. Is there a reason you don t play it live?

(21:56) [Alan] We always played it live but had to make room for a few Turn songs. The Rover lives

(21:44) [BJ_Moose from Philadelphia PA USA] How do figure out the harmonies you sing? Sit around and sing till everyone is satisfied with the result?

(21:58) [Darrell] Uh....yes

(21:46) [SaraJ from Sudbury, Ontario] Do you guys (personally) have a favourite song?

(22:02) [Alan] alan -excursion sean -capt wedderburn bob;drunken sailor darrell-fisherman s lament

(21:52) [doc from Winnipeg] If you could no longer be GBS, what would you each be doing?

(22:04) [Alan] Wishing we were

(21:59) [Andrea from Saint John, NB] Curious - what s your take on the whole Napster issue?

(22:06) [Bob] Newsletter to come soon.

(22:01) [Andrea from Saint John, NB] Who is your favourite Canadian songwriter and musician(s)?

(22:10) [Alan] Alan- Ron Hynes, Darrell -The Hip, SEan- Sarah Harmer, Bob- Chris Andrews

(22:09) [Joey-Lynn. from Ottawa] Hey Guys!!! From all your experience as Great Big Sea from the past and in the future....what is the best memory you d like to take with you when it s all over???

(22:13) [Sťan] The day we released our indy record was the proudest moment in a long list.

(22:10) [Jolly Butcher from Chicago] Why doesn t Bob sing more??? We would really like him to!!!

(22:15) [Alan] He sucks!!! We are not worthy!!

(22:06) [Kevin Snihur from Quispamsis, NB] oops, sorry, i had no idea who i was asking, i didn t know we were in a live chat!! anyways, say you guys lasst december in Fredericton, it was awesome, when are you coming back to NB or NS?????

(22:04) [Kevin Snihur from Quispamsis, NB] does anybody know when great big sea is coming to nb or ns again?

(22:18) [Sťan] Wehope to be in your neighbourhood this summer.

(22:17) [SaraJ from Sudbury, Ontario] How do you guys deal with being away from your homes, and friends and families for so long? I mean you your for so do you do it?? I d go crazy!

(22:20) [Bob] The concerts get us through, its a privledge.

(22:19) [Andrea from Saint John, NB] As evidenced from Road Rage, each concert is unique in its own way - but where do you prefer to play - the small venues or the huge arenas?

(22:23) [Alan] Each has its own attratctions. We find the dressing rooms are better in the theatres, but the posters are usually cooler in the bars; and neither can compare with the parking at the festivals

(22:22) [BJ_Moose from Philadelphia PA USA] Hey Bob! Anne in Philly wants to know if you have any advice for a beginning fiddle player?

(22:26) [Bob] Patience, patience

(22:26) [Maria from St. Catharines/London] Now that you are done the latest tour, what s on the agenda....Canada again perhaps?!?!

(22:30) [Sťan] We are rehearsing fro the next GBS album; also, Bob is taking figure skating, Alan is learning origami, Darrell is rearranging his furniture according to the principles of feng shui, and Sean, well, Sean is Sean, anyway?

(22:39) [Chat Admin] Okay all - we need to shut down now; the boys are getting weary. Thanks to all of you who participated, and who stuck by us at the beginning when things were slow. Have a great night - I ll let the boys sign off now. Joe

(22:43) [Alan] Thanks everyone, the session is just beginning here. There,s a newsletter coming soon. Keep posting on the chat page and go see Sarah Harmer, The Push Stars, Colleen Power, The Oyster Band and many others. Many thanks. 60 for 120. Alan, Sean, Bob, Darrell